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May 2, 2022

1:11 Dr. Derek's standout clients this year
3:00 How to deal with goals not being met
6:45 Do you need to suffer for results
9:49 Dealing with all or nothing mindsets
12:25 Dealing with slip-ups
19:23 People working too hard and not progressing
32:07 Warnings against overworking
40:11 Difficulty of deloads
45:22 How...

Apr 25, 2022

0:35 Willie introduction, his long term weight loss
5:00 Nutrition growing up
8:30 Activity level as a child
12:16 What made Willie get into fitness
16:30 First weight loss phase
21:31 Gallbladder shutdown from weight loss
24:45 Dealing with weight rebound
27:45 Using covid to focus on weight loss
31:35 Weight loss...

Apr 18, 2022

0:58 Long term nutrition intro

3:08 Nutrition for body composition
9:29 Biggest effects on longevity, genetics
14:52 Nick's book recommendations on longevity
20:40 Body Weight and longevity
24:35 Sleep, stress, and longevity
28:45 Nutrition and longevity
30:37 Medication and supplements
31:15 Nicks' top ten for...