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Mar 20, 2023

0:22 Don introduction
9:00 Going "all in"
13:25 Being a celebrity trainer
19:02 What set Don up for success
27:24 Taking emotion out of the equation
29:24 Prepping actors for movie roles
33:04 Hardest working celebs
37:30 Don's gym closing during covid and going online
46:49 How to set up your online business...

Mar 13, 2023

0:21 Robert's last appearance on the podcast
3:00 Superbowl commercials
5:55 Greatest joys as coaches
8:51 The diet app vs working with a coach
12:01 Who is coaching for
16:50 Stimulus to fatigue ratio
20:10 Defining intermediate lifter
26:31 Weight loss drugs
31:41 When to get a coach as an intermediate
37:06 Diet...

Mar 6, 2023

0:25 Endurance nutrition with Alex Harrison
1:27 Alex's athletic background
4:54 En durance Clients vs regular clients
6:26 Nutrition requirements for endurance vs strength
11:47 How do you eat 1200 grams of carbs per day
15:15 Sports drinks vs "homemade" sports drinks
17:41 Alex's endurance app
21:59 Health impacts of...