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Oct 5, 2020

0:45 Alyssa Ritchey, Team USA weightlifter
1:45 Weighing food incorrectly
5:00 Feeling better by eating better
8:05 Alyssa on giving up soda and fast food
9:38 How Alyssa got into sports
14:00 Let kids choose their own path in sports
18:15 Alyssa's school sports career
22:06 Alyssa's CrossFit experience
30:09 Alyssa beginning weight training
38:00 Ending her CrossFit career from exhaustion
39:30 Hashimoto's diagnosis
43:17 Diet and dealing with Hashimoto's
54:15 Getting regular bloodwork
57:11 Finding the right doctor
1:00:38 Deciding to drop a weight class
1:06:31 Competing at an elite level usually isn't healthy

1:11:30 Alyssa's podcast