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Aug 10, 2020

0:13 Chad Wesley Smith intro

1:19 Chad training athletes of NFL Combine
3:08 Nick is an aggressive college football fan
6:50 Chad's audition tape for the Hornets
8:40 Chad's athletic background
14:38 Chad training world class Jiu Jitsu fighters
20:05 Chad training BJJ himself
22:30 Juggernaut AI coaching products
30:55 Determining MRV
34:40 Pros and cons of AI coaching
42:19 Chad lost tons of weight with the RP Diet App
55:05 Being a hard gainer is better than being a hard weight loser
57:10 What Chad ate in high school and gained 100lbs
1:04:45 The deleted Chad podcast
1:06:45 How to find Chad