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Mar 19, 2020

2:50 Mike buying groceries growing up in Soviet Union
4:40 Food production supply chain
7:31 Healthcare situation
13:11 Extremes of Corona reaction
14:45 Going to needlessly social circumstances
17:30 Postponing RP SUMMIT
20:50 Charlotte boil water advisory
23:00 Dealing with panic
27:21 Diet recommendations during this time
31:08 What to do if gym is closed diet wise
41:00 RP Home training programs
42:35 Home training recommendations
45:30 Get close to failure in home workouts
51:38 Set number recommendations for home workouts
53:53 How do you know if the workout was effective
56:46 Home training frequency
58:18 How to progress week to week
1:02:30 When to change exercises
1:05:30 Antagonist Supersets