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Jan 27, 2020

1:00 Gabby's background
3:09 fast growing knowledge in the field of microbiome research
4:49 unfounded claims about the microbiome
8:46 the future of microbiome research
12:15 validity of IGG food sensitivity test
16:00 should you care if your gut is healthy, what is healthy
21:00 what is normal range for GI functions
24:00 fixing GI distress
28:55 digestive enzymes determined by genetics
31:00 low FODMAP diet explained
36:38 bad things for gut health
38:22 certain types of diets potentially bad for gut health
42:00 how quickly can the gut change/heal
47:29 probiotic supplementation
52:55 fiber supplements
55:20 probiotics in dairy
57:49 antibiotics and gut health
1:01:30 can gut health be tied to stress or skin issues