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Apr 27, 2020

0:55 Funny zoom meeting accidents
4:05 Jen Case background, RP coach, world champion BJJ
5:10 Women being accepted in BJJ
6:42 Jen's BJJ history
8:55 Jen's first impression of Dr. Mike
10:42 Jen helped design the original 2x per day training templates
12:45 People finally accepting sugar around workouts
14:00 Are intra-workout shakes needed for homeworkouts
21:20 RP Health
21:55 Weight and nutrition during pregnancy
25:37 How much weight Lori gained in pregnancy
28:36 When can you lose weight after pregnancy
33:20 Postpartum training
36:20 Nutrition and hydration while nursing
40:10 Client success stories
43:20 Hypothyroidism templates
48:50 How to deal with weight fluctuations when dieting
52:30 Hyperthyroidism templates even if medication is low
54:41 PCOS templates
1:01:43 How to burn more calories during cardio