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Mar 23, 2020

2:22 ways ego is involved in training
5:25 ego driven lifting is higher in males
9:33 everyone in high school wanted to bench two plates
11:57 ego is especially detrimental for physique oriented lifting
16:03 Nick's deadlift song
17:13 anger isn't a good tool for long term motivation
20:33 ego in crossfit
21:35 ego in Lori's bodybuilding shows
23:20 when Mike and Nick met Phil Heath
24:55 how much is it okay to have an inflated ego
32:48 ego lifting in NYC gyms and other gyms
38:42 judging others on bad technique
41:41 congratulating yourself for surviving bad workout choices
45:27 big ego could lead to not training hard
50:16 good directions to direct your ego
56:19 what is Han
59:00 Ronnie Coleman's 550mg caffeine preworkout
1:02:05 pride in being open minded
1:06:50 knowing when to say "when" during training