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Feb 1, 2021

0:18 Lori's solo podcast
0:55 Dr. Mike is back on with another Vegas weather report
3:28 Super dieter introduction
4:01 Defining super dieter
7:00 Factors that didn't matter in having a successful diet
10:37 Starting body weight impact on success
12:55 Healthy foods vs pre packaged or restaurant food
17:13 Starting body fat impact on diet
18:27 Diet diversity impact on success
21:09 Daily activity level impact on success
23:07 Sleep amount impact on success
27:25 Number of meals per day impact on success
29:29 Things that mattered- shorter diet duration
38:19 Following the apps updated diet recommendations
48:42 Dieting as a parent
57:39 Chasing instant gratification
1:03:23 Rebounding in weight

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