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Apr 12, 2021

0:25 RP Transformation challenge
2:00 How to enter maintenance after a cut with the app
4:14 How can you improve mindset and feel content with goals you achieve
11:16 How to rate your workout difficulty for the RP App
18:20 Scale isn't going down, when to end a cut
20:40 Can you skip maintenance
22:00 Can you use the app for a mini cut
24:06 Food differences for athletes vs general population
28:00 Can you have body recomposition on maintenance
30:22 Starting in maintenance without doing a cut first
31:14 Do women on menopause need to adjust anything in the app
34:30 How to treat diet on vacation right after I cut
36:37 How to deal with getting too full on maintenance
39:29 What happens to your metabolism on maintenance vs a cut
40:42 How to set a realistic weight loss goal
45:46 How the app deals with fat levels relating to hormone health
47:10 How to get new people started with RP