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Nov 23, 2020

0:55 Intro- RP coach Collin Popp discusses holiday eating

3:18 Defining the holiday season and weight gain in this time
10:23 Weight changes during Covid
12:59 What leads to holiday weight gain, food choices vs activity level
19:55 Will working from home limit bad food temptation?
23:26 Addictive nature of holiday foods and alcohol
33:27 Starting a diet going into the holidays
36:23 Environmental factors relating to food consumption
41:06 Nick's holiday eating habits and foods Nick hates
45:46 Lori's holiday eating habits
49:30 How cheat foods affect the way you feel
52:30 Collin's holiday eating tips
1:02:20 Self monitoring over the holidays
1:10:13 How to find Collin