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RP Strength Podcast

Jun 1, 2020

1:20 Kari living in NYC during lock down
4:40 How is Kari training
8:32 Focus on your health if you have more time
9:54 Kari was a D1 gymnast at Michigan
15:45 Supportive parents
17:45 How Kari is preparing for the Crossfit games
21:19 Crossfit games with no crowd
27:08 Typical day of training and nutrition for Kari
33:00 How Kari found RP
35:30 Adding intraworkout shake for long workouts
37:21 Kari tried physique and weightlifting before Crossfit
41:25 How tough dieting for physique shows is
43:43 Kari's biggest nutrition challenges
47:34 How to get motivated on training days
52:37 Competition day nutrition

59:45 Has something ever gone wrong with Kari's planning