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Aug 31, 2020

0:36 Trevor intro
2:02 Trevor's diet history, being an overweight child
6:30 Where to start if you want to lose weight
10:00 Trevor's heaviest and lightest weights
11:47 Trevor's 3000 calorie dinners
16:47 How Trevor tracked progress
18:16 Overcoming his first weight loss stall, overtraining
21:31 What happened when Trevor burned out from over dieting
25:37 Trevor's first powerlifting meet
27:10 How Trevor started with RP
29:43 Trever starting BJJ, BJJ advice
34:34 Using the RP templates
38:25 Massing as a formerly overweight person
41:08 Maintenance phases as a formerly overweight person
44:40 Two-a day templates
46:05 Best pointers for new RP folks
52:00 RP App updates
53:16 Learn maintenance
57:00 Find exercise you enjoy
58:00 Quality of life improvements with weight loss
1:01:05 Transformation picture on social media