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Feb 28, 2022

0:23 Update on Lori's diet
1:44 Coach Derek Wilcox is cutting too
4:05 Review of Derek's background
7:06 How Derek transitioned out of powerlifting
10:00 How has Derek changed mindset to Planet Fitness
13:30 Prioritizing training based on goals
16:57 How do you talk to clients if they aren't getting results
19:00 Common client problems
27:10 Weight fluctuations caused by eating different foods
28:50 Lori and Nick's first show mistakes
35:15 Derek on Keto diets
37:48 Weight gain from clients after superbowl
40:00 Going into maintenance and dealing with weight gain
49:30 The importance of weigh in times
53:00 Creatine and weight gain
57:00 Weight going up on hard training days
59:44 Rhythmic structures of scale fluctuations

1:04:00 Weight fluctuations in females