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Oct 19, 2020

1:17 Lori's mini ecookbook to benefit beast cancer/ Barbells for Boobs

5:22 Analyzing data from the RP diet app; what leads to diet failure
10:20 When is the adjustable meal time update coming for the diet app?
11:50 Will workout templates come to an app?
12:24 Is the app good for runners?
14:17 Does the app work in Europe?
16:10 Can you use the app without a regular schedule?
18:05 How much to comply on maintenance?
23:53 Why are maintenance macros less then the cut?
27:30 Is the end goal to move on from RP?
34:10 Do you have to cut and mass? Can you recomp on maintenance?
36:05 Good protein powders for those sensitive to them
40:13 Thoughts on collagen protein
41:41 Before bed meal recommendations
45:25 Recommendations for on the go meals
48:19 How to meal plan for a full family simply
57:36 Finding time to train with kids
1:00:55 How much whey protein vs natural protein per day
1:01:48 Cutting for vegans
1:04:24 Suggestions for limited meal prep time