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Jun 29, 2020

1:16 Derek's history, lightest person to squat 1000lbs
4:00 Old school terrible home gym setups
8:00 Lifting for high school football
9:17 High school weight training programs
11:54 Genetics overcoming bad training
15:46 Derek was inspired to lift by the world record lift list
20:08 The wild personalities in powerlifting
23:00 Derek's top powerlifitng moments
24:30 1000lb squat mindset, dealing with the dangers
28:11 Cutting lots of weight for competition
32:36 Mindset of a participant vs mindset of a competitor
38:44 Derek's education journey
45:41 College strength coaches hurting players
48:03 Derek's first time meeting Dr. Mike
49:33 Helping RP clients meet their goals
54:20 Developing a healthy relationship with food
1:00:22 The best clients ask lots of questions
1:01:44 Client success stories