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May 25, 2020

0:33 Whats happening in Iceland right now
4:12 How Annie's gym is doing
9:14 Annie's sport and training background
13:26 Annie's first Crossfit Games
19:08 Is being a pro athlete healthy?
24:35 Annie is going to be a mom
28:16 Annie had to change her training mindset
33:50 Evolution of Annie's nutrition
45:00 Diet...

May 18, 2020

0:48 How Rich's gym is operating during quarantine
5:22 Rich's continuing online workouts
9:21 Rich is watching virtual NASCAR
11:39 What sports Rich is into
15:46 Rich is an ex baseball player
17:05 How Rich started his career in Crossfit
19:08 What would Rich change about his past training
22:11 Rich's 1st Crossfit...

May 11, 2020

1:08 How Mattie is handling quarantine
2:23 How she got into weightlifting
8:34 What made her leave CrossFit
10:42 Mattie struggled with cutting for her old weight class
13:00 Pros and cons of cutting
17:33 Female perspective on massing
20:30 Adapting lifts to weight gain
24:42 Normal day of training for Mattie
29:38 What...

May 4, 2020

0:45 Nick is only going to take supplements and not eat healthy
1:30 Nutritional priority chart
4:05 Explaining BCAAs
9:00 Can vegans or vegetarians benefit from BCAAs
10:40 Worst and best tasting supplements
14:00 Actual viable supplements
15:50 Multi Vitamin
18:51 Do fish oils have any value
21:19 Rancid fish...