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Jun 29, 2020

1:16 Derek's history, lightest person to squat 1000lbs
4:00 Old school terrible home gym setups
8:00 Lifting for high school football
9:17 High school weight training programs
11:54 Genetics overcoming bad training
15:46 Derek was inspired to lift by the world record lift list
20:08 The wild personalities in...

Jun 22, 2020

0:24 Nita Straus intro
0:57 What's it like to be a rockstar?
1:30 Nita's athletic backstory
2:55 Touring as a 15 year old
8:44 Trying to eat right and stay fit on tour
13:25 What do people eat on tour?
17:34 How she's adjusting her routine not touring
21:25 Day in the life schedule on tour and at home
30:33 How Nita...

Jun 15, 2020

0:44 Trevor on being a doctor during Covid

2:37 Covid spread in Chicago
4:17 Video doctor visits
7:45 The kid's various past ailments
11:14 Trevor's first time meeting Dr. Mike and Michigan power-lifting club
17:08 How Trevor became a Doctor
22:32 Treating athletic patients
29:40 Trevor's best lifts
32:50 Drinking way...

Jun 10, 2020

0:44 James Townsend intro
2:46 Greg Glassman's statements and reactions
10:40 What's involved in de-affiliating with CrossFit
16:19 Explaining things to small children during these times
27:45 James' experience with racism as a child
30:55 Racism in college sports
36:03 Iowa Football culture - D-1 Sports
49:00 James'...

Jun 8, 2020

0:52 Lori got diagnosed with breast cancer
2:00 How Lori found out she has cancer
6:05 Can pain be associated with finding cancer?
7:25 Timeline from discovery to chemo
9:00 Genetic test for cancer predisposition
10:30 How did you tell your kids?
15:55 Is breast cancer related to breast implants?
17:32 Chemotherapy side...