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Oct 26, 2020

0:22 Z from Barbells For Boobs introduction

3:00 How Barbells For Boobs got started
10:30 State funded financial support for cancer treatment
13:20 CrossFit released a story that really launched Barbells for Boobs
16:48 Early detection programs and Obama Care
18:56 Growing a community for survivors who train

Oct 19, 2020

1:17 Lori's mini ecookbook to benefit beast cancer/ Barbells for Boobs

5:22 Analyzing data from the RP diet app; what leads to diet failure
10:20 When is the adjustable meal time update coming for the diet app?
11:50 Will workout templates come to an app?
12:24 Is the app good for runners?
14:17 Does the app work in...

Oct 12, 2020

1:24 Intro to nutrition's impact on cholesterol
4:00 Negatives of butter in coffee
7:47 What does high cholesterol mean
12:31 HDL- LDL ratio
17:40 Meat consumption and cholesterol
20:08 Total cholesterol acceptable range
24:47 Cholesterol and genetics
30:20 Spencer's patient with 4 heart attacks by age 30
33:36 When...

Oct 5, 2020

0:45 Alyssa Ritchey, Team USA weightlifter
1:45 Weighing food incorrectly
5:00 Feeling better by eating better
8:05 Alyssa on giving up soda and fast food
9:38 How Alyssa got into sports
14:00 Let kids choose their own path in sports
18:15 Alyssa's school sports career
22:06 Alyssa's CrossFit experience
30:09 Alyssa...