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Oct 11, 2021

0:53 Nick's recent diet and maintenance approach
8:20 Nick's grumpiness on his diet
10:19 Not binging after a diet
14:50 Caffeine to curb hunger
19:56 How do you transition from diet to maintenance in the app
21:27 Getting back on track if you gain too much on maintenance
25:15 Is it normal to gain weight when you start the female physique templates
26:17 How to deal with hunger during fat loss
28:21 Can you use an apple watch as a step tracker
32:34 Olympic lifts for hypertrophy or strength
33:35 Pros and cons of extending a diet
39:09 App possibly not giving right macros
39:52 What to do if looking leaner but gaining weight
41:35 Why cut fats vs cutting carbs
43:43 How to know when to change your fats and carbs

Our daughter Emma says hi! :)

46:10 Best way to train and grow legs
The inexpensive Amazon step tracker Nick and Lori use
Nick's blog post on Top 10 Diet tips from his recent cut