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May 23, 2022

0:30 Interview with Nick about becoming very lean
2:05 What were Nick's diet motivations
6:08 What was Nick's diet before his weight cut
7:50 Nick's psychology when entering the diet
10:30 Did Nick have a weight loss goal
12:00 When did the diet get hard and how he dealt with it
14:55 Step counting
17:20 Nick's macros for the cut
21:32 How he's doing in maintenance
23:00 How he fought off hunger
25:33 Fluid consumption changes
26:47 Cognition and managing mood during the diet
38:20 Fighting cravings
42:31 Dealing with doubt surrounding a diet
50:45 Bodybuilding is a selfish sport
57:01 Worrying is not needed to meet goals
1:04:00 Dealing with what other people think
1:05:55 What does peaking look like
1:09:40 Dealing with hunger on maintenance