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Jan 13, 2020

In this episode, we have a fascinating discussion with Dr. James Hoffman on the crucial nature of sleep and recovery.

Dr Hoffman's highly rated eBook, Recovering From Training

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RP's YouTube Channel

:52 Dr. James' background
4:50 the field of Kinesiology
7:22 Dr. James working in academia
10:56 RP 'recovering from training' book highlights
12:59 defining MRV, MEV
16:00 an example of over-training
19:20 external psychological and lifestyle factors leading to over-training
21:30 when do you start de-conditioning from not training
25:49 passive recovery strategies, sleep importance
34:57 how some people survive with very little sleep
37:28 is catch-up sleep real
40:37 Lori does a sleep study
44:50 nutrition, active recovery, supplemental recovery strategies
50:50 biggest take-homes about recovery
55:00 James on cryo therapy
58:14 James on massage gun
1:00:55 compassionate touch
1:03:57 James on rough massages
1:07:55 most overrated recovery modality
1:13:20 Jame's favorite IG pages of fat pets
1:15:14 recovery priorities for average people