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Jan 20, 2020

In this episode, the equally brilliant and hilarious Dr. Mike Israetel gives us his thoughts - and what the science shows us - regarding the naturalistic fallacy, artificial sweeteners, GMO's, keto, juice cleanses and much more.  A must listen podcast!

1:16 Dr. Melissa Davis' written critique about the Game Changers Doc
3:03 naturalistic fallacy
4:54 organic foods
7:42 pesticides
10:01 environmental impact
11:06 what organic foods to stay away from
13:40 why are people so emotional about eating organic
19:00 artificial sweeteners
24:55 is sugar addictive
28:36 how to know when consuming sugar, junk food can be too much
30:46 Mike, Lori, Nicks guilty pleasure foods
35:23 GMOs
39:53 Keto
45:10 RPs Diet philosophy
46:16 Juice Cleanses
52:15 Nick still wants to be a BJJ black-belt without working for it
54:13 should you never eat late at night?
56:44 can it be advantageous to eat late?
1:00:36 can certain foods make you fat?
1:05:06 reasons to lift weights as a "regular" person
1:10:44 is 'just move your body' good advice?
1:15:50 RP Gym Free
1:18:14 does soreness equal muscle growth?
1:22:41 you can judge workout effectiveness based on soreness