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Feb 3, 2020

2:55 intro to injury risk
7:00 research data on injury during hypertrophy
9:37 Mike broke Nicks rib in BJJ
10:21 most important factor relating to injury risk
13:41 acute to chronic workload ratio
17:45 average load used in your program
20:13 average volume correlates to injury risk
22:25 technique factors that contribute to injury risk
24:34 higher velocity lifting leads to higher injury
26:37 imparting multi structure forces on single structures
28:33 degree of external load relating to injury risk
30:26 what you can do correctly to reduce injury risk
33:35 technical factors that don't contribute to injury risk
40:00 mobility and warm up overkill
42:40 asymmetry in compensation
45:26 what to do if you feel pain on a rep
52:55 when to see a doctor about injury
55:30 take home points