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May 3, 2021

Dr. Mike is back on for part two discussing mini-cuts. This episode covers how to reduce food intake on a mini-cut, the best type of training to do while on a mini-cut and most importantly what to do after the mini-cut ends. 

0:35 Mini-cut recap
2:42 What foods to cut out for a mini-cut
6:48 What training looks like during a mini-cut
13:27 What to do after the mini-cut
19:19 Temporarily improved appearance mini-cut
26:59 What to do after the TIA mini-cut
40:52 Nick's extreme weight gain in Cancun post mini-cut
42:41 Vacation diet advice
44:55 How Nick responds to bad wifi
46:51 Should you deload before a mini-cut
48:43 Where to find the detailed mini-cut manual