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Dec 7, 2020

0:43 Dr. Mike sings Xmas carols

1:09 Las Vegas isn't warm all year, weather talk
5:00 New Year's resolution intro
6:05 What Mike thinks about resolutions
11:22 Getting used to the RP app or templates in advance of hard dieting
20:18 People don't appreciate success if they don't suffer(?)
23:38 Run maintenance diet over the holidays
27:03 Cheat meals can ruin diets
28:08 Mike tries 10,000 calorie challenge
32:01 Nick can't eat hard boiled eggs anymore
34:50 RP FB group is obsessed with pickle juice and other weird food talk
38:09 Setting manageable diet goals
46:00 More aggressive diets tend to be less successful
53:57 Take home points