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Aug 3, 2020

0:19 Ethan Suplee intro
1:34 Dealing with comments on social media
5:10 How Ethan got into acting
7:40 Ethan's diet history
12:22 Ethan's weirdest diets
14:43 The moment Ethan decided to change
17:42 Believing food is the problem
24:08 Identity and diet
26:01 When Ethan discovered counting macros
28:08 Ethan's obsession with building traps
29:44 When Ethan discovered exercise and weightlifting
36:50 Quality of food on movie sets
38:30 When Ethan discovered RP
46:00 Ethan gained weight when he started counting macros
51:45 Food volume
56:11 Eating bland foods can make diet easier
57:45 Ethan is using RP coaching
1:01:55 Understanding and surviving maintenance periods
1:09:06 Hollywood is on hold for Covid
1:11:20 What happened to the RP summit
1:14:03 Where to find Ethan online