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Jan 11, 2021

0:19 Intro to the new habits book
1:36 Mel's background
2:45 Does Mel read mainstream habit books
3:39 The Atomic Habits book
5:00 Not making too many new habits at once, and how to start the process
12:28 All literature suggests slow change is more successful
14:44 Can a more challenging goal be better sometimes
16:15 Why don't people follow through
19:15 What does science say about willpower
22:00 Student eating study
24:07 How stress affects habits
26:00 Why can habits be hard to form
29:30 How many habits can you have
30:50 How to go about goal setting
35:05 Goal chunking
38:00 Momentum
42:05 Can you benefit from taking a break from habits
43:24 Is mindfulness actually important
51:25 Keeping a habits journal
52:57 Nick doesn't always listen
56:40 Does everyone need to have goals
58:24 Where and when you can get the book