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Nov 30, 2020

0:30 Nick Hardwick introduction
2:11 Nick's college football history
5:56 Genetics role in pro athletics
10:05 Dispelling the "10000 hour" rule
14:41 The art of coaching
18:44 Super gifted athletes with no work ethic
22:07 Hardest working guys in the NFL
25:50 Dealing with homeschooling and quarantine
30:45 Nick's INSANE nutrition while playing football
38:40 Healthy eating vs high level performance eating
40:40 Success is derived from failure
46:25 Working on being a competitor
49:09 College teams take better care of athletes then pro
51:43 Nick's nutrition after the NFL - losing tons of weight
1:00:31 How Nick broke his neck
1:03:00 How Nick found out about RP
1:09:50 Dr. Mike's "cake" recipe
1:13:05 How to follow Nick