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Jan 6, 2020

In this episode, we're talking all things MASSING, or intentionally gaining weight in an attempt to increase muscle.  We'll cover who should mass, when to mass, how to mass, the pros and cons, challenges and benefits.  It's all here!

Lori's article on massing for females

RP's Minicut Manual

Dr. Mike on The Case for High Carb Massing

0:27 Define massing
2:29 Lori's first mass phase
6:17 eating when you don't want to, macros when massing
8:35 mindset and goal setting when it comes to massing
10:55 Lori's first meal prepping
12:27 when is it right to mass
14:48 how to go about massing, how long to mass, when to stop
17:55 how strict do you have to be on a mass
21:42 can you lose fat and gain muscle at the same time
24:04 the rate of muscle gain to expect
25:40 reliability of bodyfat tests
31:22 being too rigid during a mass phase
33:35 pros and cons of massing
36:26 food selection to make massing easier
39:45 dealing with road blocks to gaining weight
43:48 massing might be an okay time to "crush brewskis with the the boys"
45:11 what are appropriate body fat percentages to mass from
47:25 massing right after cutting
54:20 what kind of train is best for massing
1:00:22 ignoring people discouraging your diet goals