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Nov 2, 2020

0:35 Nick's new book
2:30 Is it harder for females to lose weight/ build muscle?
5:50 Why are some cuts harder then others?
8:20 Intermittent fasting
10:47 Gaining confidence in the gym
16:18 Resilience
19:38 What to do during diet plateaus
23:30 Nick and Lori giving up gum
24:30 Nick giving up energy drinks
26:00 Setting goal weight
28:03 Can weighing after workout affect weight?
28:58 Nutritional priorities pyramid
29:36 Lockdown affecting calorie burning
30:32 Can you do weightlifting and physique templates simultaneously?
31:25 Strength gain expectations for 60 yr old
32:48 Skipping maintenance phase
33:24 Using the simple training templates
34:24 Do you need to do cardio to lose weight?
35:52 How important is keeping in protein during a cut
38:42 Changing reps in reserve goals if taking time off from the gym
40:35 Fighting constipation on a cut
42:00 Improving lipid panels
42:56 Gaining muscle with hypothyroidism
45:41 Possible to eat too much salt?
47:56 Losing different fat types during a cut
49:55 Visualization techniques to reach nutritional goals
53:55 How did Nick and Lori meet?