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Feb 10, 2020

We're answering all of your questions!

1:13 beginner advice- best practices for using the rp diet app for cutting
22:43 when do you choose to repeat prior week of diet (in the app)
26:04 when Jen Case's dog ate the an entire thing of cat food
27:10 its hard to stick to meal plans when you have kids
33:08 Russia's version of THE LITTLE MERMAID is crazy
35:26 can the app take you to unsafe levels of calories
38:30 certain food places add tons of oil to the rice for taste
42:25 why aren't the cookbook recipes in the app
45:07 whats new coming to the app
48:33 if Nick was in Star Wars would he side with the empire or the rebels
53:36 what to do if you cant eat for long periods
56:55 eating close to bed
59:44 alcohol effect on the body
1:04:04 how much extra food do you get for another workout on the app
1:05:56 number of days recommended to do the female physique templates
1:08:28 when to push through soreness