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Sep 7, 2020

1:02  Christy is an RP coach and RP client

2:19 Christy's background as a PHD and RD
7:25 Bodybuilding and powerlifting meets aren't fun to attend
10:11 Christy's first bikini show reactions
12:35 Eating for competition and performance
16:46 Lori's marathon running experience
19:26 Christy's starting weight and stage weight
22:29 Christy hired an RP coach for her second show
25:22 Contest nerves and posing
26:50 Post contest food indulgences
31:36 Christy's college teaching
35:20 Nutrition and fitness tips for older age
38:20 Understanding aging on a cellular level
43:05 How to plan meals
45:00 Modifying weight lifting to make it accessible to all
50:22 Overly sweet and flavorful food can trigger cravings
53:07 RP client success stories
57:45 The value of accountability
59:26 How to be a great RP client
1:06:25 How to find Christy