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Feb 24, 2020

1:21 alex's background
7:20 alex's Olympic experience
12:57 alex on overcoming having to give up on his Olympic dreams
15:36 tradeoffs between strength/power vs endurance
22:19 most important advice for endurance athletes- carb intake
27:41 Lori's marathon experience
29:50 how to eat before endurance competition
33:06 advice for endurance athletes- more water, sodium, carbs, caffeine
38:08 how to get enough sodium
46:13 caffeine recommendations
51:55 morning of marathon diet advice
55:50 running with backpacks/belts
58:28 Alex tries cycling after being a power athlete
1:01:57 Alex tries a triathlon
1:06:39 Alex's best RP client success story
1:10:10 how to find Alex and his work