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May 17, 2021

0:36 Introducing transformation winners

1:40 Diets are easier with spouse support
3:13 How long have they known about RP
4:55 Previous knowledge and history of dieting
8:25 Dealing with kids school issues during covid and dieting
11:20 Dieting on Scott's firefighter schedule
14:20 The RP community support system and FB group
21:50 Getting meal ideas from the FB group
23:15 How much weight did they lose
26:20 What kind of training did they do
32:21 You can cut and not be hungry
36:26 Did they have any cheat meals
38:55 Scott's biggest challenges to overcome
43:35 Amy's biggest challenges
45:55 Dieting with kids
48:15 How do they approach meal prepping
53:24 What are their future goals
55:00 Did they do cardio
1:02:55 Recovery and rest
1:04:55 The winners Vegas trip