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Feb 27, 2023

0:26 Dr. Christle intro
2:24 How long Christle has been in fitness
6:05 Making the jump from medicine to evidence based fitness
10:54 Starting training for BJJ
12:11 Weight loss drugs introduction
16:12 Why are people against weight loss drugs
18:46 What its like taking semaglutide
21:45 Rebound hunger after dieting
26:50 Price of semaglutide
30:36 How it works
34:05 Does it really work?
37:22 Side effects
41:43 Other hunger reducing drugs
45:26 How much is she actually eating on a cut
48:27 The future of fat loss drugs
54:49 How to find more info about semaglutide
57:00 How to find Christle