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Sep 25, 2023

0:46 London trip and awful accents
2:46 Moose hunting in Canada
4:36 Cross country volunteering
5:34 Training kids
8:41 Weight training stunts growth?
10:51 Injury concerns
11:41 Don’t force them to train
21:03 How old to start training
26:26 Fighting with kids about nutrition
28:17 What does child programming look...

Sep 18, 2023

1:33 Working on labor day
3:06 Pain and injury recap
6:04 Pain is weakness leaving the body & motivational sayings
14:05 What to do when feeling pain
22:50 What to do when pain doesn’t subside
26:03 When to take time off
33:15 Trying to come back fast from injury is the wrong mindset
38:34 The Tren Twins and teens on...

Sep 11, 2023

0:27 Mike is a mean YT fitness celebrity
3:42 Nick discovers Fairlife milk
6:04 Being popular in school
11:07 What is pain exactly
15:40 What is injury
21:29 Pain and injury relationship
26:22 Pain without injury
31:39 How to tell good or bad pain
41:00 Pain during work sets
46:10 What to do if you are possibly...

Sep 4, 2023

0:20 Nick and Mike’s rap career
2:42 Week 1 leg training
4:01 Damage vs growth
8:52 Determining growth in studies
12:53 Training while hurt or sick
17:03 Good health and body composition
20:16 Are you actually sick?
30:25 What to do if   you are really sick
34:24 Nick’s sick anger
39:08 Getting back to...