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Feb 24, 2020

1:21 alex's background
7:20 alex's Olympic experience
12:57 alex on overcoming having to give up on his Olympic dreams
15:36 tradeoffs between strength/power vs endurance
22:19 most important advice for endurance athletes- carb intake
27:41 Lori's marathon experience
29:50 how to eat before endurance competition

Feb 17, 2020

:57 how to maintain strength in a cut
3:25 best protein for vegetarians
5:04 most efficient way to improve 1 RM
6:56 ideal rep ranges for slow twitch folks
8:19 the future of automated coaching
10:30 tips to mentally prepare for cutting
14:00 cardio to augment a cut
16:25 pros and cons of body composition measurement...

Feb 10, 2020

We're answering all of your questions!

1:13 beginner advice- best practices for using the rp diet app for cutting
22:43 when do you choose to repeat prior week of diet (in the app)
26:04 when Jen Case's dog ate the an entire thing of cat food
27:10 its hard to stick to meal plans when you have kids
33:08 Russia's...

Feb 3, 2020

2:55 intro to injury risk
7:00 research data on injury during hypertrophy
9:37 Mike broke Nicks rib in BJJ
10:21 most important factor relating to injury risk
13:41 acute to chronic workload ratio
17:45 average load used in your program
20:13 average volume correlates to injury risk
22:25 technique factors that...