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Feb 17, 2020

:57 how to maintain strength in a cut
3:25 best protein for vegetarians
5:04 most efficient way to improve 1 RM
6:56 ideal rep ranges for slow twitch folks
8:19 the future of automated coaching
10:30 tips to mentally prepare for cutting
14:00 cardio to augment a cut
16:25 pros and cons of body composition measurement tools
21:41 best foods during a cut while traveling
25:24 more cut and cardio questions
26:20 more strength training while cutting
27:23 can you get the podcast on mobile
28:14 whats coming up in diet app
29:26 hour long physique routine options to do over lunch
31:18 circadian rhythms as related to food consumption timing
33:44 intermittent fasting
37:13 will people with hypothyroidism be able to use the app
37:40 will cookbook recipes come to the app
38:38 training for for strength in BJJ
39:24 managing weight when injured
40:07 how to set physique goals
41:55 macro needs for "casual" weightlifters
44:45 organic grass fed vs grain fed
45:57 setting mev and mrv for crossfit athletes
48:09 cbd on recovery