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Nov 28, 2022

0:25 Holiday eating introducing
1:17 Mike's favorite Halloween candy
5:10 Favorite Thanksgiving foods
14:40 How Mike is getting through holidays on bodybuilding diet
19:42 To indulge or not on holidays when dieting
23:47 How to deal with guilt about holiday eating
28:10 Black Friday shopping
32:06 BJJ talk
36:20 How to...

Nov 21, 2022

0:22 Personal finances related to fitness
1:30 Michigan alumni talk
6:39 How his company was started
8:38 Finance book recommendations
10:33 Parallels between fitness and finance
13:18 Changing your trajectory
19:27 Being thrown off plan by social media
26:48 The path to the success is boring for social media

Nov 14, 2022

1:05 Nick's contest prep diet
2:35 Why did Nick want to compete again
7:25 How much time did Nick allow for contest prep
10:15 When and how did things get REALLY hard in the diet
16:14 Hunger and cravings
21:21 Energy levels
26:11 Dealing with everyday life
29:46 Sleep challenges
34:18 Body changes
37:45 Peak week...

Nov 7, 2022

0:15 David Martin transformation challenge winner
1:20 Results from the challenge
2:12 How was gym performance during the cut
5:30 Training volume during the cut and muscle loss
7:30 Initial fast weight loss
10:04 How David found RP
14:52 Big challenges during the transformation
19:02 How David changed his diet for...