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Jun 8, 2020

0:52 Lori got diagnosed with breast cancer
2:00 How Lori found out she has cancer
6:05 Can pain be associated with finding cancer?
7:25 Timeline from discovery to chemo
9:00 Genetic test for cancer predisposition
10:30 How did you tell your kids?
15:55 Is breast cancer related to breast implants?
17:32 Chemotherapy side effects
24:00 Chemo better or worse than expected?
28:45 Nutrition during chemo
33:10 Treatments during Covid
38:33 Training during chemotherapy
41:30 Dealing with stress and anxiety
45:50 How to stay positive with bad news
50:50 What has been the hardest part mentally?
57:00 What's the most helpful thing you can do for someone diagnosed?
1:01:06 Most unexpected things
1:03:13 What you wish more people new about cancer
1:05:23 Myths about cancer treatment
1:06:45 Takeaways
1:11:45 What has this process taught you about happiness?
1:14:30 Head shaving
1:18:30 Nick talks too much according to one commentator