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Aug 24, 2020

1:00 Erin intro

2:30 Erin's past dieting experiences before RP
8:39 Erin's daily struggles when her weight was 262lbs
10:30 All the diets Erin tried
12:30 The juice diet
15:07 Fads and quick fixes
18:40 Evaluating diets
23:00 Lori tried the traditional food pyramid diet
25:32 Downsides of very basic diets
26:32 When Erin got into BJJ
32:55 Meeting RP's Dr. Mel Davis and starting one on one coaching
36:16 Erin's body composition changes when she started lifting again
40:24 Erin started do it yourself diet templates after coaching
45:23 Switching to the RP Diet App
46:50 How much weight has Erin lost on RP
52:00 Getting caught up in social media body image
57:30 Consistency equals success
1:02:07 One tip if you're starting the RP Diet
1:05:30 Tap cancer out non profit
1:08:11 Find Erin on IG