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May 4, 2020

0:45 Nick is only going to take supplements and not eat healthy
1:30 Nutritional priority chart
4:05 Explaining BCAAs
9:00 Can vegans or vegetarians benefit from BCAAs
10:40 Worst and best tasting supplements
14:00 Actual viable supplements
15:50 Multi Vitamin
18:51 Do fish oils have any value
21:19 Rancid fish oil
23:29 People that claim to be too muscular
25:05 Stimulants
34:20 Caffeine studies
39:39 Protein supplements
47:47 Mike puts carrots in casein
49:47 Carb powders
51:20 Creatine
55:00 Supplement takeaways
59:55 What supplements do Mike and Nick take