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RP Strength Podcast

Jun 14, 2021

1:20 Defining cardio
6:30 Mike REALLY likes Crossfit
8:47 Reading the newspaper between sets
10:10 Cardio as it relates to weight loss
15:20 Cardio effect on NEAT
18:10 Mike's vacation
21:30 Weight training effect on weight loss
29:06 Cardio for weight loss maintenance
33:00 Cardio for athletics
39:40 Spencer's...

Jun 7, 2021

0:23 Dave Nixon introduction

3:35 Covid in Australia
5:49 Dave Nixon background
10:45 How did Dave discover RP
14:37 How Dave uses RP with his gym members
21:21 Starting simple with diet and nutrition
23:47 Experience centric approach to training
30:00 Isolation, integration, improvisation
33:00 Unique weight rebound...

May 31, 2021

0:28 Intro for 2nd place male finisher of transformation challenge

3:00 Fitness background and total weight loss
7:40 Dexa scan results
12:25 His relationship with food
16:25 App diet compliance
19:57 Importance of learning and doing research before dieting
31:30 What he did at restaurants while on vacation
37:30 His...

May 24, 2021

0:30 Ali introduction
3:30 Type of training during the diet
4:13 Energy levels during the diet
6:40 Total weight loss during challenge
14:10 Fun meals over vacation
22:40 Biggest hurdles during the challenge
26:30 Navigating maintenance
32:30 Transitioning to maintenance
39:50 Hitting PRs on a deficit
41:57 Finding out...

May 17, 2021

0:36 Introducing transformation winners

1:40 Diets are easier with spouse support
3:13 How long have they known about RP
4:55 Previous knowledge and history of dieting
8:25 Dealing with kids school issues during covid and dieting
11:20 Dieting on Scott's firefighter schedule
14:20 The RP community support system and FB...