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Apr 27, 2020

0:55 Funny zoom meeting accidents
4:05 Jen Case background, RP coach, world champion BJJ
5:10 Women being accepted in BJJ
6:42 Jen's BJJ history
8:55 Jen's first impression of Dr. Mike
10:42 Jen helped design the original 2x per day training templates
12:45 People finally accepting sugar around workouts
14:00 Are...

Apr 20, 2020

1:16 Favorite Easter Candy
9:04 Is fitness a priority now
11:19 Can you gain muscle outside of the gym
14:10 What to do if you're overwhelmed
20:45 Working from home and finding a routine
25:36 Nick is training his kids in BJJ
26:55 Evaluating your situation
35:18 The Shaws are trying to use their 25lb bag of...

Apr 13, 2020

1:25 Life at home with young kids
2:36 Dr .Mike's rooftop gym
5:00 Dr. Spencer explains viruses and this Corona virus
7:41 Variation of symptoms
10:34 Are younger healthy people at any risk
13:13 Mike goes over the data
21:17 When should you go to the hospital
30:18 Obesity and risk
35:06 Is now a good time to...

Apr 6, 2020

0:57 Dan's bio and background
9:13 Preparing for BUD/S training
13:30 Dan ate Jack In The Box twice a day to gain weight
16:52 Nutrition during BUD/S training
20:20 Growing up not knowing about nutrition
25:40 What makes someone successful in Seal training
30:10 Percent of people that make it trough Seal training