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Sep 27, 2021

Lori is back after a brief hiatus from the podcast. 

We discuss how to gets others started in their fitness journeys and cover a lot of questions about the RP Simple Diet Templates!

0:20 Lori is back/ her surgery
1:20 Nick sent out a bunch of free books
2:45 Getting started with dieting and RP simple diet templates

Sep 20, 2021

1:56 The Slight Edge book by Jeff Olson

3:06 Slight Edge main principles
11:00 Quantum leap misconception
14:44 Internal locus of control
22:00 Small differences over time chart
27:45 Consistency over perfection
32:36 DM Nick for a free book
37:32 Notable quotes from the book

Sep 13, 2021

0:22 Tradeoffs introduction
2:00 Defining tradeoffs
7:20 Categories of seriousness about diet and training
16:30 Nick's life when it revolved around bodybuilding
24:00 Not feeling guilt about not prioritizing diet and training
28:35 Nick's bodybuilding show experience
30:10 "Life MRV"
33:30 The old animal pak ads and...

Sep 6, 2021

0:30 While We Sleep Book Recommendation

2:02 Sleep impact on memory, training
6:05 Setting yourself up for good sleep
11:28 Why do hard diets lead to poor sleep
16:53 Sleeping conditions at the Olympics
22:27 Pros and cons of sleep aids
34:04 Melatonin
36:07 Caffeine sensitivity
43:00 CBD for sleep and anxiety
48:31 How...