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Aug 30, 2021

1:36 Cardio is a necessity
6:30 Cardio recommendations
10:48 Step trackers and calorie counters
13:17 You can get best fat loss with cardio alone
23:01 Formal cardio
28:38 Harder cardio is better
37:05 Walking is not good for fat burning
40:13 Fasted cardio

Aug 23, 2021

2:25 Is Fructose bad
9:44 Nut talk
12:10 High Fructose corn syrup
15:48 Is MSG bad
22:23 Radish and cookie study
25:15 Stevia vs aspartame and sucralose
30:50 Ultra high protein diets
37:57 What are anti nutrients
42:56 Must eat foods

Aug 16, 2021

0:53 Mike's BJJ brown belt and BJJ talk
11:26 Calories in calories out
16:35 Being perfect with calories and macros
22:32 Food label accuracy
29:23 Consistency and perfection, not sweating the small stuff
38:35 John Meadows' passing

Aug 9, 2021

We published this podcast with famous actor, and RP client, Ethan Suplee a year ago.  Whether you have or have not listened to it before, it's definitely worth another listen - his weight loss story is amazing - and we're proud to play a role in it!

Aug 2, 2021

0:00 Why Dr. Mike moved to Michigan
2:20 RP Diet app update- meal moving
3:33 Nutrient timing, meal plan
8:00 Meal timing consistency
14:39 Nick failing without a good plan
17:45 Regular meals correlates to better health
31:45 How individuals respond to time zone changes
35:14 Knowing how to construct the meal...