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Aug 8, 2022

0:20 Chad Jackson one of the older transformation contestants
4:15 Did Chad ever have coaching when he competed
7:27 Cardio and step counting
10:36 Lifting during the challenge
17:00 Why did he want to get back in shape
22:49 Did people notice his transformation'
27:40 Meal prep
32:45 Hunger levels
35:50 Caffeine...

Aug 1, 2022

0:35 Dieon transformation results
3:55 Dieting with your significant other
6:06 Meal prep with your significant other
13:49 Dieting through a bad car accident
16:10 Recovery from the accident
24:04 How he trained throughout the challenge
25:45 Cardio and steps
30:35 Biggest lessons learned
34:00 Maintaining and gaining...