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Dec 18, 2023

0:30 No one is sponsoring the podcast
5:01 Functional overreaching explained
14:21 How does super compensation work
19:53 Pulling all nighters
24:35 Speeding up overreaching
26:36 Matching rep ranges to exercises
31:50 Exercise...

Dec 11, 2023

0:22 Mike isn’t sleeping well
2:02 Mike is coming to Australia
3:27 Minimum training to maintain muscle
9:55 Days per week of training vs gains
13:05 How much can you reduce sets by
15:42 Looking deflated vs losing muscle

Dec 4, 2023

0:16 Mike sing carols,  hes a piece of garbage
4:08 How to train over the holidays
6:50 Mike loves my 600lb life
9:03 Nick has an unhealthy relationship with Michigan football
15:42 WIll you lose muscle with less training