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Jun 26, 2023

0:50 Megan transformation winner
3:34 What did she learn from her first challenge
6:41 Holding back for better results
10:25 Pontzer paradox
14:47 Why Megan likes lifting now better than running
19:21 Managing diet with her lifestyle
23:35 What are her "secrets" to winning
32:25 Her lifting and steps
34:35 Go to foods...

Jun 19, 2023

0:30 Bodybuilding sucks
3:18 Nutrition For Muscle Growth
4:24 Defining Your Goal
8:10 Gaining fat problem
10:10 Gaintaining
14:41 Rate of weight gain
19:00 How to deal with looking fat
26:50 New RP products for gaining muscle
28:42 What should your surplus be
30:10 Cheat meals
35:55 Reframing your thinking

Jun 12, 2023

0:33 Would you make love to your clone
2:01 Jetsons vision of the future
4:23 Last podcast recap
5:35 Only train what you want to get bigger
9:37 What should females train
17:32 Training frequencies
26:56 How to arrange your muscle groups in your training
34:50 Nick's genetics gifts
36:20 Is an arm day worth it

Jun 5, 2023

0:34 Dr. Mike's degree
3:15 Best way to combine diet and training
4:55 Why you should do a needs analysis
11:44 Establishing time horizons
14:55 How much muscle can you gain in a year
20:35 Nick's 25lb high school weight gain
23:44 How much fat vs muscle gain
25:47 How often should you be lifting
30:07 Chose your plan...